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New Year, New You. New Me? We'll see...

So the day has finally come. I am making my list, and checking it twice...New Year's resolutions, bring it on. I think about this list, I'm sure, more than I should, but it kind of helps me gauge the things I need to work on, the things I'm gettin better at wroking on, my values, my beliefs, the whole nine.

And so, in no particular order, here are the things I would like to accomplish next year:

1) To be a better employee and work harder at my job, even when I want to set myself on fire.

2) To save three quarters of every paycheck and to be debt free for a year (for once)

3) To finally make it to Stockholm.

4) To not buy a single item until July 2010 (my shopping ban, remember?)

5) To take better care of myself - which includes going to the gym, taking care of my hair, skin, nails, nutrition (I happen to be the unlucky owner of a pretty serious bout of malnutrition right about now) and sleeping more than 5 hours a night. No more smoking (I am 7 weeks clean, yaaaaay!) and drink alcohol in moderation if at all.

6) To solidify new friendships and make more new friends.

7) To be a positive, contributing member of society and to try and abide by the five laws of Buddhism as much as humanly possible and to keep up my positive-thinking. I'm pretty sure that this more than anything else has changed my outlook on life this past year. Think it and it shall be, people.

8) To start making time to date and try and have a relationship.

9) To keep in better contact with old friends and family members.

10) To not be afraid to love.

Well, there you have it. And I wish you all the best for the new year, my dahls. May you and your loved ones be blessed with all the love, peace, joy and light in the upcoming year.

Peace, love and cupcakes,

Belle xoxo

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