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A little romance...

I am insanely, crazy in Love with this man. Like, making food for, getting him water to drink, rubbing his back kind of Love. Like, smiling to myself, singing crappy songs, finding even the most gross things about him cute (snores like a freight train but he's such a cutie pie when he sleeps) LOVE.

And he loves me, too. Like kissing me in the morning (morning breath and all), laughing at my jokes (he MUST love me)...but the cutest thing he does is this: He knows that I can't sleep in the spoon position - it's physically impossible for me to fall asleep if someone is all up in my body space. But if I wake up in the middle of the night, or roll over (any sign that I'm still alive, basically) he will wake up in whatever position he's in, however deep asleep he was, and reach out and hold my hand. And then drop right back into REM sleep ten seconds later. With my hand in his.

Yes, this is me, waxing romantic. Well cut off my legs and call me 'Shorty'.

Peace, Love and Love-laced cupcakes,

Belle xoxo

posted by 7/06/10

A post just for us to be jealous =P

posted by Anonymous 7/06/10

haha..they must have just gotten together.
Just wait 5 years and see how things change.

posted by 7/06/10

My boyfriend and I are like this too, and we've been together for 5 years! But comparing our relationship to how it was when we first started dating, we definitely don't hold back anymore (i.e. fights galore). We do know how to kiss and makeup, though :)

posted by 7/06/10

Blah puke! Love, to me, isn't this. It's trusting a person with everything in your life, your deepest secrets, and knowing you could spend countless hours with this person. I do like the process of falling in love though, I'm just not this touchy feely.

posted by 7/06/10

awww cuuuute!!!! i love, love.

posted by 1/08/11

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